Massage / Massage  Chair Therapy

At Healthology Experts we use an Infinity Massage Chair that not only can massage your body, but can also provide up to 50 pounds of lumbar decompression. That makes this massage chair one of the best and most unique on the market. Massage chairs work by employing various mechanical components such as motors, rollers, airbags, and heating elements to simulate a range of massage techniques. These techniques include kneading, rolling, tapping, compression, and stretching. When a user sits in the chair and activates a massage program, the mechanical components move and apply pressure to different parts of the body, providing a massage-like experience. For Personal injury, or more detailed massage work, we work with many local Massage Therapists both in house and as referrals.  

Here are some health benefits and conditions that can be affected by the use of a massage/massage chair

Muscle Tension and Pain Relief: Massage chairs can help alleviate muscle tension and reduce pain in areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, and legs. They achieve this by applying targeted pressure and kneading motions to loosen tight muscles.

Improved Circulation: The mechanical movements of massage chairs can stimulate blood flow throughout the body, which may help improve circulation and promote healing. 

Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Massage chairs provide a relaxing experience that can help reduce stress and anxiety. The soothing massage motions promote the release of endorphins, which are natural stress-relieving hormones. 

Posture Correction: Regular use of a massage chair can help correct poor posture by loosening tight muscles and aligning the spine. This can be beneficial for individuals who spend long hours sitting or have jobs that require them to maintain a fixed position. 

Flexibility and Range of Motion: Massage chairs often include stretching programs that can help improve flexibility and range of motion in joints and muscles. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes or individuals recovering from injuries. 

Sleep Improvement: The relaxation induced by using a massage chair can help promote better sleep by reducing insomnia and encouraging deeper, more restful sleep patterns. 

Mental Well-being: Massage therapy, whether delivered by a massage chair or a human therapist, has been shown to have positive effects on mental health. Regular use of a massage chair can help reduce symptoms of depression and improve overall well-being.