E-Stim + Ultrasound

Combination therapy involves the simultaneous or sequential application of electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapy. This approach combines the benefits of both modalities to enhance pain relief, tissue healing, and functional outcomes. 


Enhanced Pain Relief: The combination of electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapy can provide synergistic pain relief by targeting pain pathways at multiple levels.

Accelerated Healing: Combination therapy can promote faster tissue healing and recovery by addressing both inflammatory and reparative processes. 

Improved Muscle Function: Combination therapy can optimize muscle strength, endurance, and coordination, leading to improved functional outcomes and performance.

Comprehensive Treatment: Combination therapy allows for a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, addressing both acute and chronic aspects of injury or pathology. 

Conditions Treated
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation 
Sports Injuries 
Chronic Pain Syndromes 
Soft Tissue Injuries 
Degenerative Joint Conditions
Neurological Disorders