Rehabilitative Exercises

Rehabilitative Exercises

Low Back Exercises

Low Back Pain Exercises

Do these everyday for the rest of your life to reduce or even ELIMINATE low back pain.

At Home Lower Back Adjustment

Stuck at home and need some TLC on your lower back? Check this out!

121 Vibrating Foam Roller for Lower Back

How to use the 121 Vibrating foam roller to relieve back pain without getting on the ground.

Low Back Decompression & Core

Use these two exercises to help ease lower back pain by decompressing the discs in your lower back and stabilize your core.

Improve Posture & Lower Back Health

Here are two specific exercises to help with lower back health and posture, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting.

Low Back Rehab #1

Simple, easy and very effective lower back exercises that can be done daily and take about 5 minutes. If you suffer with low back pain you need to try these!

Knees & Hips

Mild Knee Injury - Grade 1

Knee rehab to stabilize the knee for mild/grade 1 injuries.

Home Knee Rehab

With a knee injury, one of the best things you can do is strengthen and stabilize the tendons and ligaments. Here are some awesome knee exercises.

Hip Stretching & Strengthening

Check out these hip mobility drills to help stretch and strengthen your hips!

Neck & Upper Back

Neck & Upper Back Rehab

Simple easy home rehab for the upper back and neck.

At Home Neck Adjustment

Are you stuck at home with a sore neck? Check this out to fix it up!


Neck & Upper Back Rehab

Home Rehab for Rotator Cuff, and shoulder tendonitis and shoulder pain in general.

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