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Massage therapy is a very beneficial treatment for everyone, but it is unfortunate that it is procedure that is being underutilized. Regular massages provide an innumerable amount of benefits to personal health. Some of the ways in which massages can improve health include increased blood flow, lymphatic flow, increase metabolism, and also improves the healing of the muscles.

When our body is injured, it goes through three phases of healing. The first is inflammation, followed by regeneration, and then remodeling. Massage therapy helps to accelerate and improve this process. During inflammation the injured tissue is stabilized. After inflammation has subsided, massage can help to increase the circulation of blood, which helps to accelerate the regeneration of the damaged tissue. Finally during the remodeling stage where Scar Tissue is usually developed, massage can help to break down scar tissue and assist in the creation of healthy repaired tissue.

Oftentimes, our muscles get stuck in a non-normal position. Sometimes we feel an ache, pain or soreness and we kind of just push through it until it goes away. When we do this, we don’t allow the muscles to relax, heal and fall back into their normal position which can cause misalignment in our bone structure and cause common lower back pain, hip pain and even knee and ankle issues. Many times when we push through this pain, we develop chronic injuries that can often lead to surgery, which will be discussed a little bit in the section below. Through massage, we can help to unstick the muscles so that it does not cause these common problems.

Massage Aids in Post-Surgery Pain

After the completion of a surgical procedure, a person enters another critical phase of treatment. Much like trying to stop a fire or any other disaster things can become more dangerous if left alone, it is best to give immediate attention and treatment to pain before it becomes chronic issue. When pain isn’t treated promptly it can have a negative effect on multiple aspects of life including job, sleep, general happiness, etc.

A major benefit of massage therapy is that it allows for a natural lessening of pain. In 2012 a study was published and concluded that “Massage therapy significantly reduced the pain, anxiety, and muscular tension and improves relaxation and satisfaction after cardiac surgery.” Receiving massage treatments also have the additional benefit of shortening recovery time. No one wants to be “down and out” longer than needs be, and a massage can be the driver that helps get people back on their feet and enjoying life again.

There are many different types of massage: hot stone massage, deep tissue, myofascial, cranial sacral, Swedish and sports massage, to name a few. Not only does massage help with physical ailments but also mental and emotional maladies such as depression, anxiety, and stress. The “magic” of human touch to help remedy these conditions is incredible. Whether you are suffering from one of the many emotional stresses, tight muscles or joints, anything from severe to mild pain, massage can provide many more perks than simply helping someone relax.

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