Dr. Tyler Williams


Tyler Williams is a Doctor of Chiropractic with a Masters Degree in Sports Performance and Rehabilitation. He has lived and practiced in southern Utah since 2008. Prior to moving to St. George, Dr. Williams lived in St. Louis, MO where he attended Logan College of Chiropractic. While in St Louis he worked with professional and college athletes as well as Olympic hopefuls. While working on a Masters degree in Sports Performance and Rehabilitation, Dr. Williams was awarded the Biofreeze Scholarship for his outstanding work in sports rehabilitation.

Dr. Williams prides himself on being a good physician that can treat just about any injury. He is trained in multiple Chiropractic manipulative techniques as well as homeopathic injectables, nutrition, Graston technique, and myofascial techniques, for treatment of conditions ranging from headaches and back pain to athletic injuries and pregnancy. He has combined specialized muscular techniques and rehabilitation with chiropractic treatment to give patients an elite level of care.

Before graduate school, Dr. Williams was a personal trainer and exercise therapist for six years, a competitive bodybuilder, and played rugby for Utah State University. While living in St. George, he has worked with professional baseball players, professional Iron Man competitors, marathon runners, many college and high school athletes, and post-surgical patients.

Outside the office you can often find him spending time with his family, mountain biking, wakeboarding, or mountaineering in the beautiful Utah backcountry.

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