Ancient Art of Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is a historical treatment has been around for thousands of years, and so it can help with a number of different conditions. It is a very intriguing art and we love seeing the healing and progress of our patients who are treated with those particular methods. With all of the benefits that come from the art of acupuncture, it’s was essential for us to include it in our healthology services. In our office, we mainly use it for musculoskeletal conditions. The type of acupuncture that we use for musculoskeletal problems involves a slight electrical current that is set at 8 Hertz. Because the human body has an output of energy and can be a conduit of electrical flow, we can capitalize on that and manipulate/maneuver the small currents to reach the parts of the body which need more stimulation. When you take the needle and put it into damaged or torn tissue, it will cause a small micro trauma that stimulates the body to heal. Then, when you add the electrical current you can speed up the rate of healing by two or three times. It works very well for most any ligaments or muscular injury.

We also use Chinese Acupuncture that uses meridians that link to the organs and can help to balance the body. If you have ever heard of the word “chi”, it comes into play here. Traditional Chinese medicine describes chi as positive energy which flows through the body. Kind of sounds like a Marvel superhero movie or something of that nature, but it’s true, our bodies output high levels of energy! Acupuncture deals with maintaining equilibrium levels and having the body be in balance so it can be resilient to illness, fatigue, and other issues. Going along with this school of thought, some illness is attributed is the absence of chi, or, something causing a blockage of free energy flow throughout the body. Essentially, the needles used in acupuncture act as small antennas to push or pull energy into or out of the body and help the body to function at its optimal rate. This is where we will put needles into the hands or legs or feet and try to balance the body’s energy.

Have you ever looked at subway/metro route for public transportation in a big city? Our bodies are like those complex “maps”, in a sense, and our experts physicians here at our practice can analyze all of the “traffic” going on and what roadways need to be open and where they need to go. Through years of practice and study, we are able to make those “confusing” maps less intimidating so we can hone in to where problems are originating. You can help treat troublesome symptoms relating to digestive issues or even problems with depression or anxiety.

It has ancient origins and seems a little foreign to us in the United States, but we see wonderful results and it is always fun to help people in ways that they did not expect.

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