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6 Household Items To Avoid & What To Replace Them With

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#1 Dryer Sheets

These delightful smelling sheets are known to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Watch out for these bad boys! What may smell good can cause serious health problems in the future.

Alternative: My personal favorite is the Norwex Wool Dryer Balls but there are DIY options as well. Create your own dryer balls with a skein of wool yarn.

#2 Household Cleaners and Disinfectants 

These are also, known to contain carcinogens as well as endocrine disrupters, and neurotoxins. Endocrine disruptors can mimic human hormones and can lead to dysfunction with reproductive, developmental, growth and behavioral problems. Neurotoxins wreak havoc on the Central Nervous System and may even cause dementia. We absorb these chemicals through our skin and through inhalation so, an alternative to standard chemicals is a must.

Alternative: Keep these natural ingredients on hand: white vinegar, borax, baking soda, essential oils, and liquid Castile soap. Here are 8 concoctions to get you started with a cleaner, greener home.

#3 Air Fresheners

Yet another way to overwhelm us with toxins. These fragrances contain the the same unregulated toxins that household cleaners contain. Migraines and asthma may even be triggered through inhalation of these harmful chemicals.

Alternative: Every home should have an air-purifier. Craving that fresh smell in your home? Purify in conjunction with an essential oil diffuser.

#4 Lotion

Parabens, alcohols, mineral oil, petroleum products, and aluminum are just a few of the ingredients that plague the lotions we are rubbing all over our bodies. Our skin absorbs toxins and puts them directly into the blood stream. Yikes!

Alternative: USF Ointment is great for dry skin, coconut oil is a good everyday all over body moisturizer or shea butter will take your moisturizing to an even deeper level and may even help soften the appearance of stretch marks.

#5 Perfume

Not only are perfumes irritating to your respiratory system, they may cause headaches and hormonal dysfunction. “Perfume” is a disguised label for phthalates which studies have linked to breast tumor cell growth.

Alternative: Create your own! Either in a spray or a roll on, perfume is an easy one to make yourself. A combination of alcohol or witch hazel, essential oils, water, and glycerin will help you create your own signature scent. A few essential oil favorites are rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, and Citrus Bliss by doTerra which makes you smell like an orange dreamsicle. Who doesn’t like that?

#6 Nail Polish

Dibutyl phthalateformaldehyde, and toluene are found in most nail polishes. The good news is you can still have beautiful nails without all the toxic chemicals in them.

Alternative: Look for non-toxic options such as, Piggy Paint, Honeybee Gardens, Suncoat, and Gaiam.

Dr. T’s Tip: 

Read your labels, do your research, make better choices one step at a time. Wellness is about awareness and implementation not perfection. Commit to making one simple shift in a healthier direction today!

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